What is Hair Relaxer Used for

August 6th, 2012

When it comes to haircare products, one item on the market is known as hair relaxer. It is very popular especially among African American women and is generally used to straighten or relax the curl in hair. Though it is primarily used by the African American population, it is also a popular method of semi permanently straightening hair of all ethnic types. For safety, the relaxer is usually sold in different strengths.

One type of relaxer involves a sodium hydroxide or lye base. This formula is best for those with extremely curly hair. It is applied by using a brush to coat the virgin hair from root to end the very first time. Subsequent treatments are only used on the new growth which may be half an inch or slightly more in amount. Once the solution has straightened the hair, it is rinsed and thoroughly shampooed.

Another type of relaxer is the no-lye formula that is more gentle on the scalp and works best for hair that is curly but not with an extremely tight curl pattern. Additional extra gentle formulas are sold for the use on teenagers and children.


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