The Insurance Company Does Not Want to Settle

January 5th, 2017

It seems pretty clear to me that they are stalling, because they probably figure that they can wear me down. They have an army of lawyers with nothing better to do and they know that I need the money to pay the bills, so they are willing to take their chances. They know that I can hire a Sacramento personal injury attorney, but of course that is not something I would do unless there was not any choice in the matter. The lawyer is going to get a cut of any settlement that he gets them to cough up. I do not know how much that is going to be, but the thing for me is obviously the bottom line and that means my bottom line. I am not talking about what I get before the lawyer takes whatever percentage it is that they take. I mean how much I end up with after all of the cards are on the table.

At any rate I am trying to figure out how to threaten them with things I do not want to do and make them believe that I am going to do it. The medical bills can wait, they really can not make me pay them. However I have to pay the rent and that is not something that I want to put on my credit cards. The good news is that I am almost ready to go back to work, although that will not be easy. It is not like I dig ditches for a living, but I am doing things that require you to be fit. Mostly that means getting the equipment on and off of the trailers and out of the truck beds. I have to be ready before I can go and do that well enough.


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