The Importance of Branded Content Agency and Its Activities

May 5th, 2022

I’m currently in the first year of the marketing course, I’m very excited, enjoying the course a lot, although I still have a lot to learn and that’s why I’ve applied to several companies in the field for the intern position. In a few days, I got several interviews and in one of them, I got the intern position, the company was a branded content agency company. To tell readers who are not in the field what a branded content agency is, I must first tell you what branded content is. Branded content is the creation of content that is directly related to the universe of a brand. This content needs to have quality and relevance to the target audience.In this way, the dynamics of brand promotion change. Instead of being associated with advertisements, which are often ignored or poorly received, the brand becomes associated with information or entertainment, which have more value for the consumer.Branded content is very flexible and adaptable. It is positioned at an intersection of marketing that involves advertising, information, and entertainment.In addition, branded content can be developed through a variety of channels and formats. Including using the latest alternatives in mobile technology – apps. And how to produce branded content? This is where agency branded content comes in.At Branded Content, what you do after you drop content is crucial to your success. The goal is to understand what’s happening with the content in the audience’s hands and try to keep it “live” (ie, generating interest and engagement) for as long as possible. If we can’t talk about a cake recipe for successful branded content, there’s an element that certainly needs to be part of that dough. It’s curiosity, surprise. When your brand offers the audience content that breaks their expectations, the chance of generating interest (and eventually also generating leads) is greater. It is for this reason that many serious and reputable brands are developing branded content that is fun, and humorous. Another important ingredient for successful branded content is relevance. We’ve already said this, but it bears repeating. After all, relevance has a “social” function: to help in the dissemination of content. Branded content has a different dynamic than, for example, a television ad (which will, in theory, be seen by the entire channel audience). As it relies heavily on social media, it will be seen as it is shared.


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