Sure Helps with a Sports Injury

January 11th, 2017

My wife made an appointment for me with a chiropractor in Mesa AZ after I did something stupid at a family gathering. I’m almost sixty years old and not in the best of health, so of course I readily agreed to play football with a bunch of nieces and nephews who are about forty years younger than me. But that’s me. I often do things beyond my ability and then immediately regret the consequences of said actions. This incident was no different. I knew I’d probably have some scrapes and bruises, but it became something much worse than that.

The game was supposed to be tag football, but things got a bit more competitive and at one point my nephew steamrolled me when I was trying to move the ball up the field. Before I hit the ground I felt something in my back let go. Getting up took a long time. After the laughter stopped, they realized I was in bad shape and helped me into the house and to the couch. Someone wanted to call for an ambulance, but I waved them off. I didn’t think I was hurt that badly, just banged up a bit. Surely a nap would help.

I was worse after the nap. My back just felt really tight and not flexible at all. The only way I could walk was with stiff legs because bending them seemed to put pressure on my back. So my wife took me into see a chiropractor the next day and they laughed when I told them I ran into a twenty year old nephew. They examined my back and made a few adjustments and I immediately felt better. After one more visit the pain was almost entirely gone. The chiropractor recommended I take it easy and stay away from tag football.


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