Stephanie Allin Taking Risks with Their Evening Collection

November 22nd, 2012

Stephanie Allin has been taking risks for a while now and this year is no different for this out going company with the style and curves to make even the stingiest of fashion critics smile in approval. Anyone who knows evening dresses know that their line of black evening dresses is some of the most elegant and just recently Hallie Bird was seen wearing them. The Skyfall premier went off without a fashion disaster and it was all because of the amazing job that Stephanie Allin did in making a dress for Hallie. They didn’t play it safe either and go with a simple black dress they gave her lace straps that are absolutely fantastic for her body.

The Evening Wear Collection is the collection that has been getting the most attention. There are dresses for the shy type such as the Wallace and if one is feeling more daring they can take a look at the Buckingham an absolutely over-the-top dress for dinner parties. The Evening Collection features mostly darker colors, but the Covent Garden and the Ivory Shadow Skirt are two that bring the white back to the dinner party.


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