Started to Decorate the New Place

November 9th, 2013

Diamond Engagement Rings Prices Reviewed Downwards Substantially By ...Of course this place is huge and we are going to need all sorts of things to furnish it properly. We had a two bedroom flat in Dublin before we found this place and we got a terrific deal on the place. Of course we knew that between my Dad and Emily’s Dad we had the ability to fix the place up quite easily. That is what my Dad has been doing since he retired from his job four years ago. He fixed it up quite easily in his spare time and then bought us an antique irish silver serving set as a housewarming gift. In fact we have a child on the way, but this is the sort of house where you could have a swarm of kids and all sorts of farm animals as well. In fact we have some stray horses living on the property.

There are some old overgrown apple trees and these half wild horses are visiting them quite regularly to eat what they can reach.


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