She Likes Tutoring Better Than School

January 9th, 2018

This year my daughter started taking physics, and she had a lot of trouble, along with the other students in the class. When I was in school, I didn’t have to take any physics until I got to college, and I hated it then. All of what I’ve learned from back then has left my mind, and whenever she comes to me for help, I always have the same confused look on my face. My only solution for her was a Singapore physics tuition service that guaranteed that it could turn my daughter into a better student by helping her understand the parts of physics that were giving her problems.

Initially, my daughter wasn’t excited about the idea of tutoring. She hated looking at physics in school, and having to see it again during her free hours sounded like a pain. Once she actually started getting tutoring, she actually liked it more than going to school. She wondered why the teachers at school couldn’t explain the physics concepts in the same easy manner that the tutoring service was doing. I wondered the same thing myself. It’s like teacher make things as complicated as possible, and then look shocked then the students get bad grades.

My daughter got the highest score in the class on a physics test, and the other students were asking her how she did it, because they didn’t understand at all. She told them that she had been getting tutoring, and they had the same reaction as she did initially, but she assured them that it was much better than school. The kids told their parents, and they signed their kids up for tutoring too. I wish the same tutoring service existed when I was in school. All of tutors we had were so bland and didn’t make anything clearer.


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