Security System for Older Home

June 17th, 2018

I have lived in the same neighborhood my whole life. My parents decided to move north. Usually it’s the other way around with seniors. Anyway, they sold me the house. When I met my wife-to-be, she really liked the house too. We decided to live here and raise a family. I never remember any issues in our neighborhood until some homes that were privately owned were bought by landlords ot be rented. After the thefts and burglaries started, we called a Lousville home security company to come out and put in an advanced alarm system with video surveillance for us.

I have come to know that alarm systems and cameras are a great deterrent when criminals are casing your house. It increases their risk of getting caught, which outweighs any reward they might see in taking your stuff. We also practice common sense security protocols such as locking doors and windows and not letting what goes on inside be easily seen from the outside. I’m all for opening the curtains and letting the sun shine on in, but people outside should not be able to see what is going on inside your home at night. The bright lights of inside with the curtains open advertise to the world your valuables, and it lets a criminal make a mental map of each room of your house.

I like the early warning of the home security system, and I like that it is connected to an around the clock monitoring agency that will call out the police, EMS or fire department if there is an emergency. That level of protection makes it worth it right there. You have real people in your corner to call for help if you can’t or are not at home. It is a nice system, and I like being able to see the surveillance footage from my smartphone.


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