I Am Just Back Home Now

May 23rd, 2020

In fact I have not found a new place to live yet. Before I left I put my stuff in a storage pod thing and I let my friends Jackie and Alan take over the lease of my apartment. At any rate we spent about twenty three weeks on tour and ended up in Las Vegas. That was where things spiraled out of control over some of the best Las Vegas escorts. In the best of times Bear the sound man is hard to control, but recently he seems to have become even more unmanageable. We do not know if he was just drunk or if he was on some sort of drugs. Neither would have been a surprise and it was not any sort of surprise when no one else wanted to volunteer an opinion. Aside from the usual code of silence, Bear is not the sort of fellow that you want for an enemy. He can carry a grudge as well as anyone that I ever met.

Either way Bear was not going to get out of jail very quickly and so I became a sound man once again. I think that it may be a little bit of a mistake in my part. The band really loved the crowd reaction at the final three shows and everyone started to tell them that I had made them sound better. Of course I make a lot more money than a sound man does and I have a lot more responsibility than a sound man does. Obviously it is not so big of a deal for a few days and the tour is over now, but there is not any way that I can do my job and be the regular sound man on a long tour. There is just way too much work and not enough money.


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