How I Started a Business by Accident

November 29th, 2016

Would you ever think in a million years that you could start a business by accident? I had no plans to do it. I was only a kid when I started. I was the one who would actually read the directions. I enjoyed those huge owner’s manuals that explained all the features. I had no problem with the assembly manuals that tell you to connect tab A to tab B and use fastener X to join the pieces. I would put stuff together for everyone and show them how it worked. Then, a couple years later I am at Thepaystubs website filling out information to pay an actual employee who helps me.

I travel about 50 miles or so in every direction with a helper to assemble things people buy. I started out with just the usual word of mouth type of advertising a handyman might have. The first person I put something together for was my grandmother. She bought a desk from a furniture store where you take your stuff home in a box. Now I am listed as a preferred subcontractor for just about every business that sells something that needs to be put together. I could work around the clock doing this.

The business is so good that I have to add temporary help around the holidays to put things together. I get the same requests over and over, so I can get the work done quickly. I also spend some spare time downloading and reading manuals for new products I know are going to be a hit among consumers. People want to have things, but they are not so inclined to learn about them to the depth I do. I cannot fathom how some people are just happy that something works and do not care how it works or is put together. I need to know this stuff, and it is helping me earn money and pay another employee. I smile every Thursday when I am filling out the pay stub information for my helper. Plus, I am paying a wage the person could not get anywhere else. It is a joy to do something I like doing.


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