Helping a Friend Move in

February 22nd, 2019

All week I’ve been busy helping my friend move into a Parc Esta condo. I already live there, and my friend made the choice to move from his old apartment to the condo because he wanted to have more space and a place that was closer to his job. I think he just liked the place a lot after coming to my condo so often. The condo does have a bit of an effect on people where they fall in love with it once they see it. My own parents considered moving here after helping me move in.

My friend is the kind of person who packs a lot of things, but makes his boxes light. He thinks it makes moving easier because people don’t have to lift heavy objects, but there is a trade off of having to carry a lot of things to a place and making multiple trips because of this. Moving platforms can make moving his boxes a little easier, but it’s still a hassle. I’d rather he just didn’t bring so many things with him. Since I was helping my friend, he said that he would pay me and give me dinner for my troubles.

After moving everything for my friend, my muscles were sore, which I didn’t expect from moving boxes that were so light. I really need to start back exercising. I used to go swimming and use the gym near the condo, but I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had time to go there. For the dinner that my friend promised me, I chose a close location that I usually go to for a meal. They have one of my favorite dishes in all of Singapore. Since my friend was new to the area, I recommended that he try the same dish.


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