Comfort and Style with a Sense of Humor

June 1st, 2013

Owl fabric, what a hoot fabric, fabrics4u2,I’ve never really bought into this whole ‘growing up’ business. Oh, don’t get me wrong – I totally get that maturity is important to most people but it seems to me that the average adult loses their sense of humor and imagination as they try to become ‘mature’ as if it is some necessary facet we use to operate our lives. It’s an absurd notion, really, which is why I still enjoy my animal adult onesies. Adult in this context, of course, means that it’s adult sized and not a mature onesie. So when I’m rocking my tiger onesie, I can’t help but imagine that I am a tiger prowling through my house ready to pounce on anyone who crosses my path! Sure, it’s a little silly to pounce on my girlfriend with growls and purrs as if I really am a giant Tony the Tiger, but hey, isn’t life supposed to be all about fun and being happy?

We take ourselves are too seriously.


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