A Practical Birthday Gift for My Wife

February 4th, 2018

I wanted to get my wife something she would really enjoy for her birthday. I thought long and hard for days, debating between a special spa package, dinner at her favorite restaurant or even a show in town. These are all things she does on her own too though, and I really wanted to get her something she had never had before. After days of thinking about it, I finally knew exactly what she would want. I did a search for companies that provide house cleaning in Singapore, knowing that this was one gift that she would truly cherish.

It is not that she does not like cleaning house. It is something that we both do on a very regular basis. She does have more free time than me though, so the chores do end up falling to her more often. I help when I can, but sometimes I may end up working close to 60 or 70 hours a week, so it can be hard. She does it without complaining, but I still knew it was not her favorite thing to do. I thought that a gift of a clean house would be something she would truly enjoy.

I found a company that has spring cleaning specials, and I got the full package for her. There were two cleaners who came out, and they did not miss a single spot. They cleaned parts of the house that we rarely even clean ourselves, because we either just did not think to do it or it was just too awkward for us to do it. When I told her what her birthday gift was, she told me that it is the best gift I could have given her. Not only did it free her up for days, but she also did not have to do something she was not looking forward to!


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