A Pinched Nerve Can Be Quite Painful

January 12th, 2017

My aunt had a pinched nerve when I was younger, and we all thought that she was carrying on something awful about it. I realized how unfairly we had judged her when I developed one myself a few years ago. It hurt so much, and even pain meds that I bought at the grocery store didn’t really help that much. I read about pinched nerves and realized that I needed to see a professional about mine. I made an appointment with a nearby chiropractor in Campbell that same day, and I was relieved when I was told I could get in the following morning.

I really felt bad for feeling that my aunt was exaggerating what she was going through, because I learned firsthand that it can be quite painful. It does not always just stay right in that area either. I knew that it was somewhere around my neck, but the pain was in my shoulder and arm as well. The more I read about pinched nerves, the more I realized that this was normal. A pinched nerve is exactly that, a nerve that is being pinched between vertebra that is not aligned the right way.

I ended up missing about a week of work because of this because I knew that there was no way I would be able to carry on my duties. I had plenty of sick time, so that was at least one worry off my mind. When the doctor felt that area of my neck, he could tell exactly what was going on because of my reaction. I was not expecting to get instant relief from this, so I was surprised to get a good amount just on that first visit. I went back three more times, and that was the last time I had any problems with a pinched nerve.


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