A Holland Village Manicure Will Feel Like Home

November 17th, 2017

Getting a Holland Village Manicure is a great way to pamper yourself. This company really takes it to the next level when treating their customers like family. The young woman running this business has a great philosophy about keeping hygiene number one on her list of things to do well when taking care of her clients.

Cloris was young when she started her own salon and wanted to focus on giving the client what they want not trying to convince them to buy products or services. She established her business after being in the beauty industry for over five years. She is committed to offering her clients what they need in an honest manner. Closis is very focused on the hygiene in her particular business going so far as to train each of her employees on the proper way to handle the instruments they use and giving customers bags for their feet so that there is no cross contamination when they are soaking their feet for a pedicure.

The way the shop is set up puts each of her customers at ease because of the comfortable seating, decor and refreshment choices available to her customers. Cloris also makes sure that her employees know how important it is to create a relationship with their customers to get to know what they want and make sure they are happy each and every time they visit.

Cloris has done an excelent job establishing herself and setting herself apart from the other businesses that are in the same area in which her business is established. She has proven that while young she still knows exactly how to run a business where not only her customers but her staff can be at ease and feel like they are at home. Definitely a business you will want to visit if you are in the area and looking for a great manicure and overall experience!


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