A Digital Quest in Shopping

August 17th, 2014

I find it an incredible testament to the reach of the web that I am now able to practically purchase anything that I might want from wherever I can think of. As of late I have found myself growing bored with buying only from Amazon and so I set out on a kind of digital quest to find new shopping grounds where I would be able to find new kinds of treasures to spend my hard earned American dollars on. That’s how I found the Rainbow Loom Band product from Singapore. It was just the tip of my discovery.

It quickly became one of my favorite products to buy for friends and family as kind of a gag gift for those who like the esoteric and strange or an actual gift for those who are into hobby crafts. As I began to search deeper into the store that I found (store.ilovesales.sg), I found all kinds of unique products that are not sold here in the United States even through commodity giants like Wal-Mart or even Amazon! This is exactly the kind of thing that I have been looking for; you can spend hours on Amazon shopping for something unique and while you might find it, there’s rarely something startling.

Most of the time if I have been in need of something truly unique I have used Think Geek or even Cafe Press which is in a similar vein. It’s far too easy to get caught up in what I consider the “Amazon Hole”, where we think that everything can be easily found through Amazon. A quick visit to just a few other sites outside Amazon’s teach will quickly prove that this is hardly the case and that there are plenty of fantastic items waiting to be discovered if you have the means.


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